Who We Are

Gundogdoc.com is a website devoted to furthering the health and knowledge of our hard-working hunting dogs by creating educated and empowered dog owners.

Our mission

About GunDogDoc.com

Gundogdoc.com was a vision that I had even before graduating veterinary school.

I knew after owning and training my first dog that these dogs were beyond special. It was obvious from the beginning that their nutritional needs, the hazards they encounter, the feats they accomplish and the health issues they have are often so vastly different from the majority of pet dogs. I wanted to provide a hub for information around these unique needs.

Over the last 22 years the website has had many forms from a robust initial launch that included write-ups of nearly all the sporting breeds to more recently a stripped down, blog, version. Several times over the last two decades we have also provided content in various forms from written podcasts, to audio podcast and some video work as well. For the first time in this process some key factors are coming together. The technology to deliver digital content has never been easier or more robust and for the first time over the course of my veterinary practice career I have time to devote to generating consistent content for the site.

As part of this change we will be more active on social media providing informative posts to fit the platform. The biggest change will be the addition of courses, both free and paid, which allow us to take deep dives into subjects and not only provide you with information on the subjects but our hope is to help train you to be a better and more engaged dog owner. We aren’t trying to cut your veterinarian out of the loop with these courses, but rather to help you become a more empowered dog owner who can provide care when it’s needed and to advocate for the best care when it’s beyond your skills.

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We are excited for the upcoming year and what we have to offer. Thank you for joining us on this ride!

Meet the Gundogdoc

Dr. Joe Spoo, DACVSMR

The original GunDogDoc, Dr. Joe Spoo is a native of northwest Iowa, Dr. Spoo knew from an early age that the only career for him was veterinary medicine. He is a 2001 graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After spending his first two years in practice in northern Minnesota, he relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be in an area with abundant hunting dogs and endless opportunities to chase his hunting dogs in the field.

Spoo’s passion is the canine athlete, and he believes in a cradle-to-grave approach to managing the canine athlete touching all aspects of a dog’s life…not just when there’s a problem. He is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and is one of only a handful of such specialists in private practice in the world, and the only one whose primary focus is hunting dogs. Dr. Spoo has numerous research publications to his credit as he pushes to advance the field of veterinary medicine. In addition, he is an invited speaker to state and national veterinary meetings as an expert on the subjects of canine rehabilitation and sports medicine.

For more than a quarter century Dr. Spoo has been treating hunting dogs with all manner of injuries and conditions and over that same time frame he’s chased his own dogs, that have included retrievers, setters and spaniels, all over the Midwest in pursuit of birds and the very rare ribbon. He and his wife, Dr. Krista Hardy (also a veterinary specialist), share their home with three dogs, a flock of chickens and three wonderful children who have started following their Dad and dogs into the field as well.


Mini Course

Building The Complete Canine Field Emergency Kit

Dr. Joe Spoo, DACVSMR, will help guide you in building a complete field emergency kit that will allow you to address everything from simple injuries to catastrophic issues.