Your Number One Source For Hunting Dog Health

These dogs are our hunting partners, our companions and our best friends. They live their lives to make ours better. Our goal is to educate you about these incredible creatures to be a better, more empowered dog owner. Your guide on this journey, Dr. Joe Spoo DACVSMR, has devoted his life to better understanding the unique needs of these hunting dogs.

Mini Course

Building The Complete Canine Field Emergency Kit

Dr. Joe Spoo, DACVSMR, will help guide you in building a complete field emergency kit that will allow you to address everything from simple injuries to catastrophic issues.


The Original GunDogDoc

Dr. Spoo is a veterinarian of small animal medicine with a special passion for sporting dogs and, more specifically, the gundog breeds.

He believes in a cradle-to-grave approach to managing the canine athlete over the course of its lifetime rather than just focusing on the problem of the moment. He is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and has dedicated his career to the unique needs of our hunting dogs.

Our Philosophy

More Than a Hunting Partner

These incredible canines that we share the field with have unique problems, conditions and obstacles they encounter. In addition, they require optimum nutrition and conditioning to keep them in peak condition. Our goal is to provide you the necessary tools and knowledge to keep your best friend in the best condition possible.


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