I have a confession to make, for the longest time I didn’t have a connection with Boomer. I didn’t wish him ill, I didn’t treat him differently, I just didn’t connect with him like every other dog I have ever owned. This year something changed, and I can’t even tell you what it was…or why, but this dog is my buddy. He is lights out in the field and a physical performer like I have never witnessed and at night he is snuggled in by my side. No matter if my alarm goes off at 3:30 for an early morning duck hunt or 5 to head into the clinic he is up with me for that first cup of coffee. He is a sweet of dog as you will ever find, and would likely give Lily a run for her money on an intelligence test. He always has been just a good dog.  It’s hard to believe today he turns four. Yesterday he celebrated by nailing a covey of grouse to perfection. Today we napped by the fireplace. Happy birthday Boomer, love you!